بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد الأئمة والمهديين وسلم تسليما كثيرا

This website has been created in conjunction with support from Ansar across at least 3 continents: UK, European and Hijaz. The objective is to provide a central reference library for the various ansar materials that have been produced in all languages. It aims to provide literature, audios and books to Ansar who are propagating the Blessed Call of Syed Ahmed Al Hasan as.

As all Ansar know, Ahmed Al Hasan as is the Messenger from Imam Mahdi to the Muslims, from Elijah to the Jews and from Jesus to the Christians.

The proofs of his dawah can be found on this site, in the form of literature from the Ansar around the world.

This site does not aim at replacing the other active sites, but it is merely a support function for their work.

It is also usable by people who are new to this call, since they can find answers to frequently asked questions, all of which are answered as per the literature of the Syed as himself, or his blessed Office in the holy city of Najaf, Iraq.

The idea for the site came from the first global Ansar survey, in which all Ansar were asked about what support they needed. During the months May – Jun 2020 it became clear that, though there are many dawah related activities around the world, there is still much to do to provide basic support to the Ansar in the form of knowledge as well as being able to network and connect to one another.

This site is a single reference point for cross-initiative dawah information.

The feedback was obtained via survey forms and in the digital library section you will find the outcome of the April-May 2020 Ansar surveys, along with other recommendations consolidated into a single document.

Ansar are the blessed individuals who support the greatest initiative in the history of mankind and every Ansaris opinion should be regarded with utmost respect.

If Ansar do not help each other, who will?!?

Hence, this site has been created at the request of the Ansar who responded to that global survey and it has the following objectives:

  • Document questions and answers raised by Ansar so they have an easy to access platform
  • Be a Digital Library that contains all dawah related materials in any format or language
  • Provide a list of Ansar initiatives across the various media platforms and languages
  • Be a reference point for someone wishing to cross over into the Howzah Mahdawiyyah

Our pledge: this site is supported by the Representative office for Syed Ahmed Al Hasan as in the UK, hence, you will only find official responses obtained directly from the literature of the Syed or directly from the blessed Najaf Office.

‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, similarly, websites are always evolving and being developed. We welcome your feedback as well as your patience as we strive our utmost to fulfil the needs of the blessed Ansar

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