I tell u a secret

I tell u a secret

Written by Sister Sara Pastoor, in remembrance of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom at Karbala’

~ ~ ~

Hussain, how could they long for your death
You were of the noblest lineage
you represented God on Earth – peace be on you
like your father Ali, – peace be on him
He represented God on earth
like Mohammed – peace be on him
All representatives of God on earth…
One after the other, peace with all of them.
You truly were God’s chosen one, peace be on you
The son of the chosen one – yaa Ali
The grandson of the chosen one – yeah Mostapha!
The brother of a chosen one – yaa Hassan!
The father of a chosen one – peace with all of of you
How could they long for your death?

O, soldiers of unscrupulous leaders
How could you bear to stand in line
To kill the grandson of the noblest one,
-Mohammed sallalahu aleihi wa aali –
For who you beg blessings to be given
In the prayers that you daily perform?
How was it not clear to you, you ignorant soldiers
That your unscrupulous leaders
Tried to extinguish the Light
So that they would have the rule
And enjoy, oppress and tyrannize
Now you all lost the eternal fight
And degraded yourself unparalleled

I tell u a secret, for whom has ears,
The plan of God will never fail
Hussain’s death was not a defeat
For who strives to be in Paradise
Divine guidance is there
If you have the strength to be weak in this world
Don’t assume our Prophet died
– peace and blessings be with him –
Without him leaving a Will
Would he be disobedient, God forbid
He truly represented God on earth!
So try to find out about this Will,
With names all written out
Of who are the chosen ones
The true representatives of God on earth

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