Hidden Cause of Homosexuality

Ground-breaking book in which the author combines knowledge from Syed Ahmed Al-Hasan and modern research to expose bias and hidden agendas within contemporary scientific papers and reach the following unbiased conclusion: There is no evidence of a gay gene and the homosexual way of life is not natural and is…

I tell u a secret

Written by Sister Sara Pastoor, in remembrance of Imam Hussain’s martyrdom at Karbala’ ~ ~ ~ Hussain, how could they long for your death You were of the noblest lineage you represented God on Earth – peace be on you like your father Ali, – peace be on him He…

Rulings on Khumus

The attached document is a translation into English of a key section from شرائع الإسلام Rulings of Islam, from Syed Ahmed Al-Hasan, p116-119 (consolidated volumes of 1-3) Ahmed al Hasan a.s. rulings on khums (20140611).docx · version 1

Good News for Strangers (All editions)

English magazine relating to the Dawah of Syed Ahmed Al Hasan (as), produced by the English speaking Ansar community. (thumbnail is always of the latest publication)   Magazine Shabaan 2022 Final GNFS Issue II Ramadan 2022

Ahmed Al-Hasan

Synopsis Ahmed Ismail Saleh also known as Ahmed Alhasan, is the Saviour of Mankind. He has come for all people of every religion and ideology. He has also come for the agnostics and the atheists. He has come to unite all people upon the absolute truth from the One Eternal…

The New Atlantis Ed 50 (Fall 2016)

The New Atlantis Edition 50, published in 2016 which discusses gender identity and homosexuality, with useful references used by Dr Alaa Al-Salim in his paper on ‘The Hidden Reason for Homosexuality’ 20160819_TNA50SexualityandGender

My Genes Made Me Do It

My Genes Made Me Do It! (the title is facetious) is an attempt to place in the public arena the scientific facts about homosexuality—particularly the information that the homosexual orientation is not inborn or hardwired, and that sexual orientation can naturally undergo huge change.
The West has been subject to such a campaign of misinformation and disinformation in the last 20-30 years that its public institutions, from legislatures and judiciaries to the church and mental health professions widely believe that the homosexual orientation is innate—in the sense of biologically imprinted—and therefore unchangeable.
The implications of this are that anyone who makes the following scientifically true statements is considered to be the one who is misinformed.
sexual orientation is not inborn but develops over some years in response to an individual’s response to life events—as many human predicaments do
homosexual orientation can change, i.e., half the homosexual population naturally moves towards heterosexuality over time (without any therapeutic interventions), and further and faster with counselling and support
The same-sex-attracted are not 10% of the population but (including bisexuals) much closer to 2.5%.
The West has lost its way on this issue, and today we are seeing the outcome.

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