Acts of worship in the spiritual realm

Acts of worship in the spiritual realm

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Did we perform acts of worship in the spiritual realm like prayer, circumambulation etc? What was the reason?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

ِِِِActs of worship in the spiritual realm

The word commonly used by the Syed (as) and many scholars for a realm that existed after the realm of the souls and before the creation of the physical realm is عالم الذر, or Atom World. Its possible is that the human beings who were to be extracted from the progeny of Adam (as) in the physical realm, were extracted there and appeared like atoms.

With regards the question of whether or not we worshipped Allah there: the Syed (as) has addressed this topic in the With the Righteous Servant  مع العبد الصالح ج. 1 when he says the following (Translation has been based on the English version made available from The First Mahdi website…


“For example, in the atom world there is no need; because the physical body with which the self would be busy does not exist. As for the fact that the atom world is not prepared for the acts of worship of this world to be performed there, the matter is clear. So now the answer becomes clear, and that is that the test is the same, and it is one and the same in this world and in the atom world and in the Raj’a world (The world of the Return). If Allah decides to test the people a thousand times He would test them with the same test because the purpose of creation is one, and it is to attain ma’rifah (to understand), yes the details of the test differ due to the differences between the worlds. So praying and fasting and Hajj (Pilgrimage), and Zakah (Alms giving) etc, they were all present in the atom world and Allah had tested us with them but according to what was appropriate for that world. So praying (salaat) was one thing and that was that I focus my sight on whatever comes out from Him (swt), and fasting was that I deny myself, and Hajj was that I walk towards Him and circle His door waiting for His command, and Zakah was that I give Him myself and slaughter myself before Him by fighting the I (ego) etc.


The original Arabic…

وفي عالم الذر مثلاً عدم الحاجة ؛ لأن الجسد المادي الذي تنشغل به النفس غير موجود . أما عدم أهلية عالم الذر لعبادات هذا العالم الجسماني فهو أمر بين . إذن ، فالآن أصبح الجواب واضحاً وهو أنّ الامتحان نفسه ، وهو واحد في هذا العالم وعالم الذر وعالم الرجعة ، ولو قددر االله أن يمتحن الناس ألف مرة سيمتحنهم نفس الامتحان ؛ لأن علة الخلق واحدة وهي المعرفة ، نعم تفاصيل الامتحان تختلف لعلة اختلاف العوالم ، فالصلاة والصيام والحج والزكاة و.. و.. و .. جميعها كانت في الذر وامتحننا االله ولكن بحسب ذلك

العالم ، فالصلاة كانت شيئاً واحداً وهي أن أركز نظري على ما يصدر عنه سبحانه ، والصيام كان ألغي نفسي ، والحج كان أن أسير إليه وأطوف ببابه سبحانه منتظراً أمره ، والزكاة أن أعطيه نفسي أن أنحر نفسي بين يديه بمحاربة الأنا ….. ، وهكذا كل هذا العمل هل تتصور يحتاج لمدة طويلة مع العلم أنّ عالم الذر ليس فيه زمن ولا حتى مكان ، أم تتصور أنه يحتاج ليكون في أكثر من حدث ؟ وهل لو أنه جمع في حدث واحد لا يكون عملاً مثلاً ؟! أكيد أنه سيكون عملاً ولو جمع في حدث واحد ) .

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