Artificial insemination and pregnancy

Artificial insemination and pregnancy

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Are women allowed to use artificial insemination to get pregnant?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Artificial insemination and impregnation

This question appears to have been addressed in the below three questions taken from the book Jurisprudential Answers vol. 1  (أجوبة فقهية ج 1) (original Arabic is also given).

Translation made by webmaster and some notes have been added (in brackets) to assist your understanding of it.


Q110: In order to sample the sperm of a man and to understand its ability to impregnate, if not possible via one’s wife, is it allowed to sample (i.e. collect) the sperm via a means other than one’s wife

A: masturbation is prohibited if it is via one’s own body (i.e. to oneself), and is allowed if with one’s wife’s body (i.e. petting etc)


س110/ لفحص حيامن الرجل ولمعرفة ما فيه من قابلية الإنجاب ويتعذر عليه ذلك عن طريق زوجته، هل يجوز فحص المني بطريقة أخرى غير الزوجة ؟

ج/ الاستمناء حرام إذا كان بواسطة جسم الإنسان نفسه، ويجوز بواسطة جسم الزوجة.


Q111: Is it allowed to extract sperm in a non-shariah compliant way (in secret) for a medical examination, if forced to (i.e. there is no other way but to extract it)

A: when you are sure there is no other reason for not being able to have children, then you are allowed to extract sperm in a non-shariah compliant way, if that is the only way to extract it

س111/هل يجوز استخراج المني بطريقة غير شرعية (العادة السرية) من أجل الفحص الطبي عند الاضطرار؟

ج/ إذا تم التأكد من عدم وجود سبب آخر ينع الإنجاب، يجوز إخراج المني بطريقة غير شرعية للفحص إن انحصر إخراجه بذلك.


Q126: one of the believers in the Call donated some sperm to his ill brother and the ovary of his brother’s wife was fertilized, and a female was created. This was done out of sympathy so they would not separate from each other, but he is not happy with this act from the perspective of permission or prohibition – this was 3 years ago. Now the brother has been cured and his wife has become pregnant with the sperm of her husband, but he does not know the juristic ruling (with regards what went before), and the (previous) donor has children (of his own), including one male: how should he (i.e. the male child) interact with the girl (who was artificially conceived) and what is the ruling of this (male) child?

A: juristic ruling: this act is not permissible, which was for a woman to be impregnated with the ‘water’ (sperm) of anyone but her husband. As for the girl that was born as a result of your activity conducted in a state of ignorance, when you were unaware of the ruling, she is regarded as a child of doubtful ancestry. She will be associated with the owner of the ‘water’ (the sperm), so he is her father and his sons are her brothers and her mother is the one who bore her and the sons of the one who bore are also her brothers.


س126/ أحد الأشخاص المؤمنين بالدعوة قام بالتبرع بالحيوانات المنوية لأخيه العقيم ولقح ببيضة زوجة أخيه وخلقت أنثى، كان هذا العمل من باب العاطفة لكي لا ينفصلوا عن بعض، ولكنه غير مرتاح من ناحية الحلية والحرمة، وهذا الشيء منذ 3 سنوات، والآن أخوه تعالج وحملت زوجته من حيامن زوجها فهو لا يعرف الحكم الشرعي، والمتبرع عنده أولاد من بينهم ذكر واحد، وكيف يتعامل مع الطفلة، وما حكم هذا الطفل ؟

ج/ الحكم الشرعي: إن هذا عمل غير جائز، وهو أن تحمل المرأة بماء رجل غير زوجها.

أما حكم الطفلة التي تولدت نتيجة ما عملتم عن جهل وعدم معرفة بالحكم فهو حكم الشبهة، فهي تنسب إلى صاحب الماء، فهو والدها وأبناؤه إخوتها وأمها هي من حملت بها، وأبناء من حملت بها يكونون إخوتها أيضاً.

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