Cosmetic (plastic) surgery

Cosmetic (plastic) surgery

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Is plastic surgery allowed and if so, to what extent?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Cosmetic surgery

This has been addressed in Jurisprudential Answers vol. 1  (الأجوبة الفقهية ج 1)


Q107: are cosmetic surgical procedures allowed for men or for women, such as operations on the nose and on any blemishes on one’s face?

A: it is permitted

س107 / هل يجوز إجراء عمليات تجميل، سواء في ذلك الرجال والنساء، كتجميل الأنف وما موجود من آثار في الوجه؟

ج/ يجوز.


Q108: if cosmetic surgical procedures are allowed, are they only allowed in those parts which are permitted to be looked at, or absolutely (i.e. in all parts)

A: if she was compelled to undertake the cosmetic surgical procedure, then she must undertake precautionary measures that it be within the shariah compliant limits with regards looking and touching; and if she were compelled to undertake it then in such a situation and if there is none of the same gender, then looking and touching is permitted.

س108 / وإن كان إجراء عمليات التجميل جائزاً ؛ فهل يجوز في الأجزاء التي يكون النظر لها محللاً أم مطلقاً؟

ج/ إذا كانت عملية التجميل غير مضطر لها فلابد من إحراز أن تكون ضمن الحدود الشرعية للنظر واللمس، أما إن اضطر لها فيجوز مع الاضطرار وعدم وجود المماثل النظر واللمس.

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