Can you read a dua in any language other than Arabic?

Can you read a dua in any language other than Arabic?

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago
Context: the majority of Muslims are non Arabs, i.e. not born of Arab nationality, or do not speak Arabic in their homes.

Problem: Hence, learning Arabic is like learning any other language such as French, or German, i.e. learning it will take time and effort.

Question: Does the Syed (as) allow someone to read a dua in any language other than Arabic?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Duas in non Arabic language

As per the response of the Syed (as) it is permissible to supplicate even in one’s mother tongue, during certain sections of salaat.

With regards a reference, the Syed (as) was specifically asked the following question in Ajwibah Fiqhiyyah (q 23, p 11, vol 3) / أجوبة فقهية ج 3 ص 11 .

Note: given the questioner is specifically asking about the acts within salaat, it can be inferred from this that he already knows someone can pray outside of salaat in their own language.


“Is it possible for a non-Arab to make a supplication (dua) during their salat in their mother tongue, in the qunoot (usually in 2nd and 4th units when one stands for prayer), or the sujood (i.e. prostration) and is there any difference between the obligatory prayers and the optional prayers?”

س 23/ هل يمكن لغير العربي أن يدعو في صلاته بلغته الأم،في القنوت أو السجود مثلا، وهل يوجد فرق بين الصلاة الواجبة والمستحبة؟

The answer was:

“It is permissible to supplicate (do dua) in any language you choose, in the qunoot, the rukoo (i.e. bowing) and the sujood.”

ج/ يجوز أن تدعو بأي لغة تشاء في القنوت والركوع والسجود.


Thoughts: there are many supplications (duas / دعاء) narrated from the Ahlulbayt which the Ansar always recite in Arabic including duas recited during wudu’, dua during salat al witr, duas after each obligatory prayer, dua kumayl, dua nudbah etc. Hence, it is advisable to try and obtain a level of Arabic proficiency that will enable non Arab Ansar to join in with them.

May Allah swt guide us to what He is pleased with.


أجوبة فقهية: ج١-٣ / Ajwiba Fiqhiyyah

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