How the famous books of the Shia came about

How the famous books of the Shia came about

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

How did the famous books of Al Kafi, Kamal Al Din Wa Tamam Al Nimah, Al Ghaybah etc, come about? What was the driver behind writing them?

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Anis Staff answered 4 years ago

These blessed books were compiled to help the threatened Shia community through the tribulation of the Major Occultation. Each one had its own driver and benefit and because of such hard work and perseverence, the true faith of Islam has survived today and is now stronger than ever in the person of Syed Ahmed Al Hasan as.

Al Kafi: was compiled to serve as a reference point for all followers of the Ahlulbayt, as a handbook to guide them in all affairs.

Kamaal Al din wa tamaam al Ni’mah: was compiled to deal with the doubts that crept into the Shia community at the start of the major occultation. The book itself was blessed by the Imam Hujjah in a dream that the author had, where the Imam himself instructed the writer to collect all narrations about the occultations of the prophets. This naturally removes doubts from believers, once they see that the occultations are the tradition of Allah himself.

Al Ghaybah by Tusi: The book was written to address the weakness in beliefs and doubts that were creeping into the Shias during the major occultation of the 12th Imam.

The book contains a clear explanation of the correct belief system for Shiahs, based on narrations from the followers of the family of the Prophet. Shaykh Tusi was the scholar who received the famous letters from the Imam as. The book contains the famous Blessed Will, as taught to use by Syed Ahmed Al Hasan as.

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