Manners of Ansar with non-Ansar family members

Manners of Ansar with non-Ansar family members

Frequently Asked QuestionsManners of Ansar with non-Ansar family members
Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

What manners to show a close family member who is not Ansari?


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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Manners of Ansar with non-Ansar family members

This has been answered in the following question and answer taken from الأجوبة الفقهية (Various Jurisprudential Answers vol. 1 question 37.

Q 37: Is it considered disobedient, if someone cuts ties with their parents or their blood relative because they did not believe in the Call (of Syed Ahmed Al-Hasan)? Otherwise, what should they do?

Answer: It is better for the believer to treat their blood relations well and to try to guide them as much as possible. As for the parents in particular, it is necessary to treat them well even if they do not believe, Allah Most High said: (If they strive that you ascribe partners to Me regarding that which you have no knowledge, then do not obey them but accompany them in this life with good and follow the path of he who turns to Me, then to Me is your return and I will inform you about what you used to do – Luqman: 15)

Original Arabic:

س37: هل يعتبر الإنسان عاقا لوالديه وقاطعا لرحه إن تبرأ منهم إن لم يؤمنوا بالدعوة أم ماذا عليه أن يفعل؟

ج / الأولى بالمؤمن أن يحسن لأرحامه ويحاول هدايتهم كل ما أمكنه. أما الوالدان بالخصوص فلا بد من الإحسان لهما وإن لم يؤمنا، قال تعالى: (وإن جاهداك على أن تشرك بي ما ليس لك به علم فلا تطعهما وصاحبهما في الدنيا معروفا واتاع سبيل من أناب إلي ثم إلي مرجعكم فأنبئكم بما كنتم تعملون) لقمان:15

Translator’s note: رحم and أرحام have been translated as blood relations here, since, it refers to those relatives to whom one is related through birth, as opposed to marriage relations

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