The rejection of Ahmed Alhasan (as) by today’s scholars

The rejection of Ahmed Alhasan (as) by today’s scholars

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Why are the scholars of today rejecting the claim of the Syed (as) if this is a field they have studied and lectured on?

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Anis Staff answered 4 years ago
It should be noted that there are many scholars who have followed and supported Ahmed Alhasan (as), just as there are many who either do not know about him and even reject him.

There are several obvious reasons for this such as the following:

1) He did not get his knowledge from the Howzah system

2) He claims knowledge that scholars do not possess (the scriptures, the divine wills, different perspective)

3) They feel he is a threat to their superiority (he brought the Will and claimed divine authority from the Imam)

More importantly, does the scholars’ rejection of him mean that he is false? If so, why did the scholars of Jesus’ time oppose him and try to have him killed? If you study his story you will find parallels with the story of Syed Ahmed Alhasan (as), not least because his approach was also similar based on the above points, to those of the Syed (as).


Below is part of an answer from the site with the English translation:


لماذا لم يتبع المراجع الامام احمد الحسن (ع)؟

– لماذا لم يتبعه المراجع؟

المراجع حالهم كحال باقي الناس، مكلفون ومختبرون باليماني (ع) ,  ومكلفون ايضا بالامام المهدي (ع). فاحتمال فشلهم في الاختبار وارد. بل هو الارجح لمن تدبر قصص الانبياء والاوصياء. فهل العلماء غير العاملين نصروا نبيا من الانبياء او وصيا من الاوصياء ؟ فانصفوا انفسكم واجيبوا عن هذا السؤال : هل سألتم رسول الله ص وآل بيته ع عن علماء آخر الزمان قبل ان تسألوا علماء آخر الزمان عن الامام المهدي (ع)؟

Why did the maraji’ (eminent scholars) not follow Imam Ahmed Alhasan (as)?

Why did the maraji’ not follow him?

The situation of the maraji’, is like that of others, they are obligated and tested with the Yamani (as) and obligated with Imam Mahdi (as), so the possibility of them failing is narrated. In fact, it is expected, if anyone contemplates the prophets and executors. Did the non-compliant scholars help any of the prophets or any of the executors? Do yourselves justice and answer this question: Did you ask Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) and his family (pbut) about the scholars of the end times, before you ask the scholars of the end times about Imam Mahdi (as)?

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