On the topic of spouse beating

On the topic of spouse beating

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Are you allowed to beat your spouse?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago
This has been answered as part of a lengthy question sent to Syed Ahmed Al Hasan (as).

When reading the below answer, it is important to understand that there is a forum for reporting grievances and injustices to the Syed (as). Everyone can submit their grievances to the Office who will address them.


The relevant part of the Q&A is given below:

4- ضرب الزوجة ليس حالة طبيعية او الحالة التي يصح العمل بها عادة بل في الدولة الالهية لو اقامت الزوجة دعوى ضرب على الزوج ينظر فيها ولو وجد الزوج مذنبا يعاقب.

4. The beating of the wife is not a normal condition, or it is not the condition with which it is correct to work with usually. Rather, in the divine just state, if a wife sues her husband for beating her, this lawsuit will be reviewed, and if the husband is found guilty he is punished.


Link to full post on FaceBook page of Syed Ahmed Alhasan (as)

You can find the complete translation of the above post on the Savior Of Mankind website entitled Women Rights in Islam

The question and answer also appear on p. 490 of بريد الصفحة which consolidates all posts from the Imam (as) from 2012 – 2017 and is in Arabic

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