Sumerian tablets and religion

Sumerian tablets and religion

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Do the Sumerian tablets contain anything of religious significance?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Sumerian Tablets

The Sumerian Tablets have been discussed by Syed Ahmed Alhasan as in both the Atheism Delusion and also in  مراسي مختارة  في موانئ سومر واكاد which means “Selected berths in the harbour of Sumer and Akkad” in which he analyses and shows how the tablets contain the heritage of the religions of Adam and Noah (peace be upon them)

In Atheism Delusion (2014 edition) the Syed as has explained how the Sumerian civilisation was the first advanced civilisation of its age and the tablets provide insights in to the beliefs and ways of the life of that nation

Hence, by knowing and understanding the meanings of the Sumerian Tablets, even in their altered state, we can see divine intervention on earth as well as the wisdom that had been imparted by Adam and Noah to their people. We also see the Hand of God since that civilisation was known for not only its religious prowess, but also for its agricultural advancements and ways of governing its people

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