The Syed visits the place where Nimrod threatened Abraham

The Syed visits the place where Nimrod threatened Abraham

Frequently Asked QuestionsThe Syed visits the place where Nimrod threatened Abraham
Anis Staff asked 2 years ago
Has Syed Ahmed Al-Hasan (as) ever visited the place where Nimrod tried to torture Abraham (pbuh)?

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Anis Staff answered 2 years ago
The following is taken from a FaceBook conversation which has been collected and posted on the site, dated 8th May 2011, recently updated on 19th April 2018.

The conversation was between a number of believers in the Dawah, including Safaa Al’Awaadi, Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi and Shakir Al-Kinani. The FaceBook conversation is given (click)

Link to Arabic post on (click)

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The English translation given first, followed by Arabic text:

English (translation in progress)

Note: the below individuals are well known amongst the ansar and produce programs on the Savior Channel and some, such as Shakir Al-Kinani, teach in the Howzah of the Imam.

Conversation between our brothers (Safaa’ Al-Awadi) and (Abu Ahmad Al-Tamimi) and participation of brother (Shakir Al-Kinani) about the event where they went with Syed Ahmed Al-Hasan (as), and a group of Ansar, to the place of catapult in which Prophet Ibrahim (as) was placed to be thrown into the fire.


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: when we visited the resting place of the Prophet Ayub (Job) and Prophet Dhul Kifl, there was an expansive area there for salaat (prayer) but the Syed (as) lead us in  salaat in a place next to the wall, such that we were cramped and bunched up against the wall in our salaat. When we finished our salaat the Syed (as) asked me saying, ‘Abu Ahmed, do you know why we prayed here?’

‘Allah, His messenger and the son of His messenger’s daughter (meaning the Syed) know best,’ I answered.

He said, ‘We prayed like this because the Prophet Ayub (Job) and the Prophet Dhul-Kifl are buried in the direction of the old qiblah of Bait-ul-Maqdis, and we prayed in this place so that we could face their pure faces and face the qiblah in Makkah, so at the same time we would do both, out of respect, gratitude and glorifying them (pbuh).


Safaa’ Al-‘Awaadi: I remember that we were travelling behind the car in which the Imam (as) was and he took us to the area of Al-Kifl to visit the resting place of the prophets (pbuh) there and the Maqaam Al-Khidr also.

Syed Ahmed (as) prayed two rak’ats by the side of one of the prophets’ graves and similarly, two rak’ats in Maqaam Al-Khidr (as) and after that he took us to the place of the firepit in which Nimrod (may Allah curse him) wanted to burn Ibrahim (pbuh).

Then we reached a raised place and he said, ‘This is the place of the firepit’ and he indicated to another raised area as if it was a mount which was a few hundred metres distant from us. Between the area in which we were and the other area was a valley or a slope

Then he took us to a place where we went down some stairs and at the bottom there was a small window; like those of the shrines, and inside it was a rock in which was a hole. Then he said, ‘This stone was in Nasiriyyah and as for this hole: the gazelle would come and leave her milk so that Ibrahim (as) would drink from it.

This place was in the same raised place which we had been on

I remember that the Syed (as) said to us, ‘Do you want to go to the catapult – it is not very near, additionally it is high up’. We said to him, ‘As you like, Syedna’. Then he started gathering some pebbles from the ground. Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi said, ‘Each one of us should gather seven pebbles.’ So we did so and went down, then when we reached the lowest part of the raised area on which the catapult had been, we found the climb was not easy, because the slope was steep and it was comprised of soil and pebbles, such that if you placed your foot and tried to climb, your foot would cause soil to cascade down.


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: yes, and before we climbed up the mountain of the catapult from where Ibrahim (as) had been thrown the Syed (as) said to us: Abu Ahmad, go and tell your brothers to each take seven pebbles to pelt the catapult, because it represents Iblees (la)


Safaa’ Al-‘Awaadi: yes, and the Syed had been ill for some days and when we intended to climb up we discovered and felt difficulty but the Syed (as) despite his illness, climbed up before us and easily, whilst all of us were not able to keep up with him.


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: yes, when the Syed (as) wanted to climb up the mount of Nimrod, he had been ill and as Mr Safaa Al-Awaadi mentioned to you the difficulty of climbing up the mountain without running out of breath, by Allah other than whom there is no god, I saw the Syed (as) climb the mount in three strides, no more, and I told the ansar who were by my side.


Shakir Al-Kinani: yes, and I remember when the Syed (as) climbed up the mount of Nimrod with speed and in a way that I had not seen the like of. Syed Safaa Al-Awaadi said to Al-Haaj Adil, despite them both being people who practise exercise and the Syed (as) was ill “The Hashmi has climbed up”


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: the Syed would say to us when we saw he was ill and he was not able to carry himself due to the illness…he would say, ‘When I see the Ansar my pain and illness disappear from me.’


Safaa Al-Awaadi: then when all of us climbed up, there was a high rock jutting out. The Imam said to us, ‘In reality it was much higher than this and it is from where Ibrahim (as) was thrown into the fire pit on the other hillock which we had been on, near Maqaam Ibrahim (as)


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: As I understand, in its time, it was the world’s tallest building.

I remember as we were stood by the catapult, Abu Noor, the contractor, asked the Syed what material they used to build the bricks, ‘do you know?’ because the bricks are joined to each other in such a way that nothing comes in between them.


Safaa’ Al-Awaadi: Then the Imam (as) threw seen pebbles on this jutting out rock like someone pelting Satan in the pilgrimage (hajj) and we did as he had done.

After that some Ansar wanted to take some pictures so the Imam (as) distanced himself from us and sat in a place by himself and we remained taking pictures among ourselves

We then went to Karbala’ and Dr Abdur-Razzaq Al-Diraawi started talking to us on the way. I remember that he wept profusely and we wept with him.

I remember, we then went went to the resting place of Imam Hussain initially. The Syed would go straight to the resting place and stand behind the shrine and put it between him and the qiblah and hold it with his hand and read and sometimes he would read Al-Fatihah, then he would pray two rak’aats then he would return to the same place in the shrine and do the same thing then leave. He always offered his salaat behind the shrine, i.e. the shrine was between him and the qiblah. I remember one day the Imam (as) said to us, ‘Why do you not go for ziyarat? Are you waiting for me to tell you to go? If I tell you to go your reward will decrease so visit the Ahlulbayt (pbut) as much as you can and do not think that someone who visits them comes back empty handed.

Similarly, he would not prolong his stay (whilst doing ziyarah). I do not know if it was due to security reasons or some other reason.


Abu Ahmed Al-Tamimi: I just wanted to mention that at the shrine of Imam Hussain (as) we prayed behind the Syed (as) and the place was congested. When we wanted to pray, a small locust came and stood on the ground behind the Syed and was not scared of being crushed by anyone. It did not fly away until the Syed had finished from his prayer. Then it flew away.


حوار مابين اخوتنا (صفاء العوادي) و (ابو احمد التميمي) ومداخلة لأخونا (شاكر الكناني) عن ✨حادثة ذهابهم مع السيد أحمد الحسن ع و مجموعة من الأنصار إلى مكان المنجنيق الذي وضع فيه النبي ابراهيم ع ليُلقى في النار

ابو احمد التميمي: عندما زرنا مرقد النبي ايوب ع والنبي ذي الكفل كان هناك مكان واسع للصلاة ولكن السيد ع صلى بنا جماعه في مكان ملاصق للجدار بحيث كانت صلاتنا متزاحمة مع الجدار .وعندما انتهينا من الصلاة سالني السيد ع وقال لي: ابو احمد اتعلم لماذا صلينا هكذا .قلت له: الله ورسوله وابن بنت رسوله اعلم. فقال :صلينا هكذا لان النبي ايوب ع والنبي ذي الكفل مدفونان على جهة القبلة القديمة بيت المقدس ونحن صلينا في هذا المكان لكي نستقبل وجوههم الطاهرة ونستقبل القبلة في مكة فنحرز الاثنين معا احتراما وتقديرا وتقديسا لهم ع.

صفاء العوادي:اذكر اننا كنا نسير خلف السيارة التي كان فيها الامام ع. فأخَذَنا الى منطقة الكفل لزيارة مراقد الانبياء ع هناك ومقام الخضر ع هناك ايضا.

صفاء العوادي:صلى السيد احمد ع ركعتين بجانب كل قبر من قبور الانبياء وكذلك ركعتين في مقام الخضر ع وبعدها أخذنا الى منطقة المحرقة التي أراد النمرود لعنه الله ان يحرق بها ابراهيم ع.

صفاء العوادي:فوصلنا الى منطقة مرتفعه وقال هذا مكان المحرقة وأشار الى منطقة مرتفعة اخرى كأنها جبل وتبعد عنا بضع مئات الامتار. وبين المنطقة التي نحن عليها والمنطقة الاخرى وادي او منحدر.

صفاء العوادي :ثم اخذنا الى مكان نزلنا في درج واذا هناك في الاسفل شباك صغير كشباك الاضرحة وفي داخله صخرة فيها حفرة. فقال: هذه الصخرة كانت في الناصرية وهذه الحفرة كانت تضع الغزالة فيها الحليب لكي يشرب منه ابراهيم ع.


صفاء العوادي :هذا المكان في نفس المنطقة المرتفعة التي كنا عليها.

صفاء العوادي:واتذكر ان السيد ع قال لنا: هل تريدون الذهاب الى مكان المنجنيق وهو ليس قريب جدا بالاضافة الى انه مرتفع. فقلنا له: بكيفك سيدنا .واذا به يلتقط بعض الحصى من الارض وقال ابو احمد التميمي :لنلتقط كل واحد سبع حصوات ففعلنا ذلك ونزلنا ثم عندما وصلنا الى اسفل المرتفع الذي عليه المنجنيق وجدنا ان صعوده ليس سهلا فقد كان انحداره حادا وكان عباره عن تراب وحصى بحيث اذا وضعت قدمك واردت الصعود ينزل بقدمك التراب الى الاسفل.

ابو احمد التميمي: نعم ، وقبل ان نصعد الى جبل المنجنيق الذي رمي منه ابراهيم ع قال لي السيد عليه السلام :ابو احمد اذهب وقل لاخوانك ان يأخذ كل واحد منهم سبع حصوات لغرض رمي المنجنيق لانه يمثل ابليس لعنه الله .

صفاء العوادي:نعم ، وكان السيد مريضا منذ ايام .وعندما أردنا الصعود كنا نعثر ونشعر بصعوبة ولكن السيد ع مع مرضه صعده قبلنا وبسهوله وكنا كلنا لانستطيع اللحاق به.


ابو احمد التميمي: نعم ،عندما اراد السيد ع صعود جبل النمرود كان مريضا. وكما ذكر لكم الاستاذ صفاء صعوبة صعود الجبل إلا بإنقطاع الأنفس ؛فوالله الذي لا اله الا هو رايت السيد ع يصعد الجبل بثلاث خطوات لا اكثر فنبهت من كان بجانبي من الانصار لذلك.

شاكر الكناني:نعم، وأذكر عندما صعد السيد ع جبل النمرود بسرعه وبطريقة لم أعهد لها مثيل قال سيد صفاء للحاج عادل -رغم انهما كانا من ممارسي الرياضة والسيد ع كان مريضا- (صعد الهاشمي).

ابو احمد التميمي:كان السيد يقول لنا عندما نراه مريض ولا يستطيع أن يحمل نفسه بسبب المرض يقول عندما أرى الأنصار يذهب عني الألم والمرض.

صفاء العوادي :ثم عندما صعدنا كلنا، كان هناك نتوء صخري عالي .فقال لنا الامام : إنه بالحقيقة كان أعلى من هذا بكثير وهو الذي رُمي منه ابراهيم ع الي المحرقة في التلة الاخرى التي كنا عليها قرب مقام ابراهيم ع.

ابو احمد التميمي: حسب ما اعتقد إنها كانت أعلى بناية في العالم حينها.

ابو احمد التميمي:أتذكر السيد عليه السلام سأل ابو نور المقاول عندما كنا واقفين بجانب المنجنيق وقال له: ما الماده التي بني بها الطابوق هل تعرفها ؟لان الطابوق كان متلاصق وكأن لا شي بينه.

صفاء العوادي :ثم رمى الامام ع سبع حصوات على هذا النتوء الصخري كمن يرجم الشيطان في الحج وفعلنا كلنا مثلما فعل هو ع.

صفاء العوادي :وبعدها أراد بعض الانصار التقاط الصور فابتعد عنا الامام ع وجلس في مكان لوحده وبقينا نحن نلتقط الصور فيما بيننا.

صفاء العوادي :بعدها ذهبنا الى كربلاء وفي الطريق صار يحدثنا الدكتور عبد الرزاق الديراوي. واتذكر انه بكى بكاءا حارا وبكينا كلنا معه.

صفاء العوادي :اتذكر ذهبنا الى مرقد الامام الحسين ع اول الامر.

صفاء العوادي:السيد كان يذهب مباشرة الى المرقد ع ويقف خلف الضريح ويجعله بينه وبين القبلة ويمسكه بيده ويقرا وربما يقرأ سورة الفاتحة ثم يصلي ركعتين ثم يعود الى نفس المكان من الضريح ويفعل نفس الشيء ثم يخرج.

صفاء العوادي :صلاته كانت دائما خلف الضريح اي يكون الضريح بينه وبين القبلة.

صفاء العوادي :اتذكر يوما قال لنا الامام ع : لماذا لاتذهبون للزيارة هل تنتظروني لكي اقول لكم .فإني اذا قلت لكم يقل ثوابكم فزورا اهل البيت ع قدر ما تستطيعون ولا تتصوروا ان احدا يزورهم ويخرج بدون ان يحصل على شيء.

صفاء العوادي:وكذلك لم يكن يطيل البقاء ولا أدري ان كان ذلك بسبب الوضع الأمني أو لسبب اخر.

ابو احمد التميمي: فقط، أحببت ان أذكر ان في ضريح الامام الحسين ع صلينا جماعة خلف السيد ع وكان المكان مزدحم جدا وعندما اردنا الصلاة جاءت جراده صغيرة ووقفت عل الارض خلف السيد ولم تخف أن يدوسها أحد ولم تطير إلا بعد أن انتهى السيد من صلاته ،فطارت.…00004869816376

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