Why should we follow Ahmed Alhasan (as)?

Why should we follow Ahmed Alhasan (as)?

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Why we should follow Ahmed Alhasan (as)

This question has been discussed at length, particularly, from the perspective of Syed Ahmed Alhasan being the Will bearer and the Yamani.

The narrations about the Yamani state that whoever turns away from him, will be of the people of hell

من يلتوي عليه فهو من أهل النار

Hence, he is an infallible

Also, since he carries the will of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuhahf) and was sent by his father, Imam Almahdi (as), we are obligated to follow him. Not following him will only prolong the Major Occultation.

Another fact is that Imam Baqir (as) described the Yamani as ‘he invites to the truth and a straight path’

يدعو إلى الحق وإلى طريق مستقيم

These words are used in the Qur’an in surah Alahqaaf (The Winds) verse 30


p. 132 from أدلة الدعوة المهدوية

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