Our Spirits

Our Spirits

Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

What are our spirits made from and where are they?

Can they enter this material world or are they in the first spiritual realm / heaven?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Our Spirits and Souls

This is a lengthy topic and it is recommended to read They Ask you About the Spirit to get an overall understanding of it.

Note: the terms spirit and soul are sometimes used interchangeably, however, we summarise some key points below to help answer these questions:

  • The Soul, which was made from essence of this earth, was lifted to the ‘1st sky’ where it was fashioned  a light (They Ask you About the Spirit or يسألونك عن الروح
  • Our Souls can visit this physical realm, since, the spirit of Adam was able to visit this earth, before it was linked to his physical body (Atheism Delusion or وهم الإلحاد)
  • Our Spirits are in the 1st spiritual realm (also known as the 1st sky) which is linked to this physical realm and from where one can also see the sun (reference: The Return or الرجعة)


Location of the Spirit

“The first realm cannot be seen with the naked eye, may God guide you, the worldly realm splits into First Realm and Physical Realm , the human souls in the First Sky and the human body is found in the Physical Realm, which can be seen with the naked eye”

(The Return)

السماء الأولى لا ترى بالعين وفقك الله، السماء الدنيا تنقسم إل ساء أولى وسماء جسمانية، في السماء الأولى أنفس الناس، وفي السماء الجسمانية يوجد جسم الإنسان المادي الذي يرى بالعين …)

الرجعة ص 22


Creation of the the Soul

In the beginning, the Holy Spirit and the spirit of faith were gathered together with the raised wet clay, and then the first human soul was created.

The other human souls then came after the first soul that they are from, and these souls are considered to be an image of that first soul. The wet clay, along with its desires and the physical forces it contains, appears within the soul. The spirit of faith and the Holy Spirit also appear within the soul.

(p. 11 They Ask you About the Spirit)


Test of the Soul

There, this is a second stage that came after the stage of Adam’s pbuh creation in the first heaven, which represented the true creation of Adam. This stage is concerned with bringing the soul of Adam pbuh to the earth for the test, a stage of connecting the soul of Adam to a material body in this physical world in order for him and his offspring to be tested. This occurred after the soul of Adam pbuh was lowered to this earth and remained therein for as long as God Almighty wanted, and the souls of Adam and Eve pbut practised some of the rituals of God on this earth.

(p. 125 Atheism Delusion)

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