What was the first creation?

What was the first creation?

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The first creation

This has been discussed by Syed Ahmed Alhasan (as) in more than one place, two of which are given below:

[Note: translations are from ansars.at webmaster]


Book of Oneness p. 12

“…and that Muhammad (pbuhahf) is the best of Allah’s creation and the first of the creation and the first consciousness…”


“…وأن محمداً ص خير خلق الله وأول الخلق والعقل الأول…”

كتاب التوحيد ص 12


Book of Oneness p. 87

“In the beginning there was the Word”*: the Absolute Divinity, be He glorified, has no beginning, such that we can say ‘in the beginning’ for Him. In fact, the one who was there in the beginning, was a creation. Hence, Jesus is a creation and this verse clearly explains that he is a creation. Yes, it can be said that what was meant here (in this passage) was the first creation, or the first consciousness, in order to conclude the discussion on the matter. Was Jesus (pbuh) the first word? Or was Jesus a word from among the words of Allah, that came after the first word?

كتاب التوحيد ص 87

(في البدء كان الكلمة): اللاهوت المطلق سبحانه لا بداية له ليقال في البدء، بل الذي في البدء هو المخلوق، إذن فيسوع (عيسى ع) مخلوق وهذه الآية تبين بوضوح أنه مخلوق، نعم يمكن أن يقال إن المراد هنا المخلوق الأول أو العقل الأول فيتم نقاش هذا الأمر، هل أن يسوع (عيسى ع) هو الكلمة الأولى ؟ أم أن يسوع (عيسى ع) كلمة من كلمات االله المتأخرة عن الكلمة الأولى؟


Translator’s note:

Full verse is “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

(John 1:1-3)

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