The righteous scholars

The righteous scholars

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Hamza Staff asked 4 years ago

Which are the scholars that the Syed (as) speaks well of and what is the reason?

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Anis Staff answered 4 years ago

Righteous scholars

In the sermon of Hajj by Syed Ahmed Al Hasan as, he mentions some of the scholars who he regards as ‘compliant scholars’ (العلماء العاملون) since they would practise what they preached and did not stand in the way of the truth. It would also appear that they had a keen interest in Mahdism and the reform of the masses. During their efforts they were often criticised by opponents and even subject to persecution and murdered.
They are: Syed Khomeini, Syed Baqir Al Sadr and Syed Muhammad Sadiq Al Sadr.
At the same time, he has criticised those scholars, as well as public leaders in general, who have used their power to oppose the Imam of the time, such as Shurayh Al Qadi, Shimr Ibn Dhil Jaushan and Saddam Hussain.
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The Syed as has also spoken highly of scholars who have supported the cause of Imam Mahdi as, some of whom have joined the Najaf Office and Howzah, such as: Syed Hasan Al Hamami, Abdur Razzaq Al Dirawi. Hence, he does not have a personal vendetta against people of knowledge in general, if they dedicate themselves to support the governance of Allah in the earth.
The below is taken from a message issued on his FaceBook page in 2012, after Syed Hasan Al Hamami was kidnapped by groups backed by the maraji of Iraq.
"Yesterday, unfortunately, i received a response from the maraji’ (shia scholars) about the detention of the pure, Syed Hasan Al Hamami, son of the late Marjah Muhammad Ali Al Hamami (may Allah have mercy on him) and respected Shaykh Kazim Al Nasiriyy in Al Najaf Al Ashraf. The fact that Syed Hasan Al Hamami’s father was from the most famous Shiah Maraji’ did not provide any intercession, nor that his grandfather was from the famous Shia jurists. And the fact that Syed Hasan Al Hamami was an imam for Jumuah (Friday) prayers which were performed in the Mausoleum of Imam Ali (as) did not provide any intercession, nor the fact that Syed Hasan Al Hamami is from the Shiah jurists and that he had an open veranda for teaching Howzah studies and helping the needy and students of the Howzah in front of the mausoleum of Imam Ali (as). His old age and illness did not intercede for Syed Hasan Al Hamami. In this way the Respected Pure Syed was detained another time, simply because he believed that Ahmed Al Hasan is the truth, otherwise, what was the sin of Syed Hasan Al Hamami, who supports the needy and does not harm anyone. Are you searching for his sins, so that he can be left in prison from time to time. By Allah, it will soon be a source of shame on you that which you do with the Pure Syed Hasan Al Hamami."
وللأسف بالأمس وصلني رد المراجع وهو اعتقال السيد الطاهر حسن الحمامي ابن المرجع الراحل محمد علي الحمامي رحمه الله والشيخ الجليل كاظم الناصري في النجف الاشرف ولم يشفع لسيد حسن الحمامي عندهم كون ابيه مرجعا من اشهر مراجع الشيعة وجده من فقهاء الشيعة المشهورين ولم يشفع لسيد حسن الحمامي انه كان إماما لصلاة الجماعة التي تقام في ضريح الامام علي ع ولم يشفع لسيد حسن الحمامي انه من فقهاء الشيعة وكان له براني مفتوح لتدريس علوم الحوزة واعالة الفقراء وطلبة الحوزة مقابل ضريح الامام علي ع ولم يشفع لسيد حسن الحمامي كبر سنه ومرضه. هكذا يعتقل هذا السيد الجليل الطاهر مرة بعد أخرى فقط لانه آمن بأن احمد الحسن حق وإلا فما هو ذنب سيد حسن الحمامي وهو يعيل الفقراء ولا يعتدي على احد هل تطلبونه بذنب ليودع في السجن بين فترة وأخرى والله سيكون عما قريب عارا كبيرا على رؤوسكم هذا الذي تفعلونه مع السيد الطاهر حسن الحمامي.
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