Wives who serve their husbands

Wives who serve their husbands

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Anis Staff asked 3 years ago
Is there a reward for a wife who looks after her husband?

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Anis Staff answered 3 years ago

Wives who serve their husbands

The narrations of the Ahlulbayt contain encouragement to both husbands and wives to tolerate and show the other mercy and affection.

With regards wives, Syed Ahmed Alhasan (as) has encouraged wives to tolerate and be respectful to their husbands even if the husbands are not being reasonable or are treating them in an inconsiderate way.

Addressing the question directly, there is a narration from Imam Ja’far (as) as follows:


No woman gives her husband a sip of water to drink but it is better for her than the worship of a whole year, fasting during its days and standing (in prayer) during its nights and in exchange for every sip she gives her husband, God will build for her a city in Paradise and will forgive her sixty mistakes

(Wasail-al-shiah, v 20, p 172)

ما من امرأة تسقي زوجها شربة من ماء إلا كان خيرا لها من عبادة سنة صيام نهارها وقيام ليلها ويبنى الله لها بكل شربة تسقي زوجها مدينة في الجنة وغفرلها ستين خطيئة

(وسائل الشيعة ج 20 ص 172)

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